Something Funny Happened On The Way To The Star Wars Marathon

Something Funny Happened On The Way To The Star Wars Marathon

OK, so it wasn’t exactly on the way to the Star Wars Marathon – it was *at* the Star Wars Marathon.

_,.-‘~’-.,__,.-‘~’-.,_ 2016 Cost of RV Life _,.-‘~’-.,__,.-‘~’-.,_
355 Days on the Road
0 Free nights
3 Paid nights
3 Total nights

2015 Total Spent: $92.95
2016 Average Daily Cost (lodging only): $19.37/day
2016 Average Daily Cost (lodging + fuel): $30.98/day
2016 Average Daily Cost (everything): $30.98/day
2015 Average Daily Cost: $44.85/day (Incl. RV Payment)
2015 Average Daily Cost $33.02/day (No RV Payment)
2014 Average Daily Cost: $43.49/day (Apartment Life)

_,.-‘~’-.,__,.-‘~’-.,_ WHERE AM I NOW? _,.-‘~’-.,__,.-‘~’-.,_
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What did it cost me to RV in 2015?

My overall breakdown:
*Auto and RV*: $14,500 – RV/MINI payments, insurance, parking, fuel, registration, etc.

*Food and Dining*: $11,900 – This is almost unchanged from 2014 ($12,600). I love good food, and my budget reflects that.

*Home*: $10,750 – RV Parks, IKEA Furniture, Mail Services, U-Haul Dolly in January, etc.

*Bills and Utilities* $5,100 – Sprint Cellphone (3 lines, 80GB shared data), Hulu, Wired internet, Web hosting, etc.

2015 was ultimately not any cheaper than 2014 was – but that’s about what I expected – your lifestyle generally inflates to fill your available income. =)

The Nomadic Fanatics Podcast – Session 5 – The Snowmads!

For Session 5 of The Nomadic Fanatics Podcast, we visited with The Snowmads – Jason and Kristin Snow, a travel-addicted couple who walked away from cubicles and conventional lives two years ago to roam full-time.

0:01 Introduction – joined in progress.
1:20 Where are you based?
3:00 Lease an RV to live in, or purchase?
5:12 Observations on Class A vs Class B.
7:44 Use of space in Class A vs. Class B.
10:30 RVIA Tradeshow Overview
14:52 What to do with old remodeled RV furniture?
16:40 Episode VI – Return of the Snowmads
17:00 How do you keep connected on the road?
20:15 The Amazing Tale of free Boondocking in Battery Park in Apalachicola, FL (and the lady with the pink door)
23:00 Internet Connection at Apalachicola
25:36 David Bott’s Private WiFi For Less Than $100
27:21 Boondocking: Better to ask Permission, or Forgiveness?
28:34 What are you in? (Winnebago 59K)
30:22 Additional Boondocking Tips from The Snowmads!
32:10 Boondocking Gone Wrong? In St. Petersburg, FL
34:50 Parking Tickets?
40:10 Fulltiming in a pop-up?
42:44 How does having smaller tanks in a Class B affect you?
46:44 Campgrounds and Dumpstations: East Coast vs. West Coast.
48:23 Duluth?
49:45 Has Jax mellowed from the Catnip yet?
51:15 How do you find small attractions, museums, etc.?

Mentioned on tonight’s show:
The Snowmads:
Winnebago Travato 59k
Karma Internet:
Unlimitedville Internet:
David Bott’s Private WiFi for Less Than $100:
Phil Campbell’s Channel

They started with overhauling a 1965 Airstream for weekend trips and to more easily travel with their dogs, when partway through the project they realized they were building a HOME, not a CAMPER. At that point they started making changes to their lives and their jobs to support life fulltime on the road. In their first year, they visited 35 states and drove 25,000 miles.

Their second year saw them selling their Airstream and driving a 2015 Trek 26 HMD to Alaska and back.

For the show, they’re going to share their experiences with their recent trip to the RVIA ‘industry-only’ RV show in Louisville, Kentucky and talk about their current Nomadic Life (hint: It’s not an Airstream or a Motorhome right now), and their plans for the future.

The Nomadic Fanatics Podcast – Session 4 – VanGrrrl!

Meet Elizabeth “VanGrrrl” Dickerson, AKA Van Grrrl, a 38 year old single gal living in a 1972 Dodge camper van in the Seattle Washington area.

After many years of dreaming about moving to the west coast from Richmond, VA, Elizabeth quit her job of 12.5 years, sold her condo, packed up and moved west in 2012, sight unseen with no job or place to live lined up.

After finding a job an a home in Washington State, in 2014 she nearly lost both again. That’s when the plan for van life took root. The idea had so many layers. A place to live, bought and paid for; it would be a simpler life with minimal possessions and debt and it offered the ability to travel near and far. Elizabeth’s current travels are more near than far. She urban camps and parks at friends’ houses north of Seattle. This keeps her close to her loyal housekeeping clients and her 22 year old son while he finishes school and ventures into adulthood.

You can keep up with her here:

The Nomadic Fanatics – Tune In Next Week!

These are the risks of having a live show – sometimes Stuff Happens! 

Dec 18: Jason and Kristin – The Snowmads –
Dec 25: Merry Christmas from the Fanatics + Van Grrl
Jan 01: Happy New Year from the Fanatics + A Big Announcement
Jan 08: Josh and Kali – The Freedom Theory
Jan 15: Joe and Carrie – The Mobile Hobos

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Due to unforeseen circumstances, The Nomadic Fanatics Podcast won’t be live tonight. 
* Our guests for the evening, the Snowmads, had a last minute family thing come up at the last minute.
* Our backup guest (Elizabeth) had a paying job come up at the last minute.
* Patrick is travelling this week and isn’t available to host The Newbies Episode. 
* Reaching out to our connections, we scheduled 3 more guests for the future, but nobody is available tonight!

The Nomadic Fanatics Podcast – Session 3 – Open Q&A

Elizabeth, our guest for the week, had some things she had to take care of this week, and wasn’t able to make it. She’s rescheduled for Session 5, on 12/18.

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This week we welcomed our two new Assistant Co-Hosts, Devan (@xsyntriknomad), and Patrick (@rnpatl), and then had an open QA session.

0:15 Jon answers: How Long Does It Take To Edit Videos?
1:26 Patrick @rnpatl – Sprint Unlimited Data from Unlimitedville for $45?
7:30 Craig joins us for a few minutes.
10:00 Stephen Mol asks Eric about Olga’s Health.
11:18 The Cranes ask about using Karma for data.
14:40 RV Lady joins us and asks if we’ve heard anything about Happily Houseless lately.
26:03 Eric talks about the effect of weather on location.
27:03 Oliver gets a lesson in Post Production and Scheduling Videos.
30:36 Jeff @4GNomad asks Jon whether the Phantom is still out of commisison, and Jon extols the virtues of the 3DRobotics Iris+.
33:25 Eric talks about a new Feiyu-Tech gimbal he’s seen advertised and is looking into. We also talk briefly about the other new gimbals on the market.
35:32 Jeff asks Eric about his experience with 4G service around Crescent City/Eureka, CA
38:18 Oliver shows he doesn’t understand how “scheduling” videos on YouTube works – and that it means you have to SAY it’s Thanksgiving, even if it’s not yet ACTUALLY Thanksgiving, if you want to post a video ON Thanksgiving. =)
47:23 @heavykev1 asks about the value of having a 3d printer onboard an RV.
49:38 Jeff Larson asks how we got started earning on YouTube, and whether we have recommendations for others.
54:05 Stephen Mol asks about Eric’s Map of Travels, and is he going to get another one?
1:09:45 RV Lady pitches her RV Women’s Hangout on Sundays a 4pm Pacific!

Thanks for watching!