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yarrveeWhen exactly were you brainwashed into believing that the best way to earn a living is to have a job?

Seth Godin

Reading that quote changed the course of my whole life.

I remember doing completely awesome things once upon a time. I raced mountain bikes. I autocrossed my car with the Sports Car Club of America. I knew just how much it would cost me to become a glider pilot. I bought a (purple!) zoot suit and learned to swing dance (…as awesome as that was for approximately 6 3/4 weeks in the fall of 1999…). I danced Contra. I was in a terrible (no, REALLY terrible) terrible band for a summer. We were so bad, the most creative name we could come up with was…’Circle‘. Told you!

5 States, 9 years, 10 jobs, 12 addresses.
I took risks, and I *LOVED* my life.

Then I got a job…a career, even…with *gasp* The City, where I remained for 12 years. Half my adult working life. Stable. Secure. The biggest risk in my life was, well…nothing. At. All.

I had relationships with people who had whole separate relationships with their DVR.
I spent 3 solid years playing World of Warcraft. Yes, it was was a very social experience with people I liked an awful lot, and I had a great time…and the siren song is still there…but it was still 3 years spent sitting in a chair at work, then coming home and sitting in a chair some more.

I feel like I lost my way along the way – for a long, long time.

Many people say “I want to travel someday” or “I want to travel when I retire”.

You have to ask; ‘What specific thing makes tomorrow or someday better than today?’  Why isn’t today the day for living life on your own terms, by a script that you wrote.
There are so many opportunities today to make a living without having to go to an office every day
Yep! I still work, and will for many years yet. Sometimes it’s in an office, though I try to avoid that when I can. But in my field, I find plenty of opportunity to work from…anywhere, really!

This is what my office looks like, and this is my story…


All The Adventure, None of the Scurvy!