What did it cost me to RV in 2015?

My overall breakdown:
*Auto and RV*: $14,500 – RV/MINI payments, insurance, parking, fuel, registration, etc.

*Food and Dining*: $11,900 – This is almost unchanged from 2014 ($12,600). I love good food, and my budget reflects that.

*Home*: $10,750 – RV Parks, IKEA Furniture, Mail Services, U-Haul Dolly in January, etc.

*Bills and Utilities* $5,100 – Sprint Cellphone (3 lines, 80GB shared data), Hulu, Wired internet, Web hosting, etc.

2015 was ultimately not any cheaper than 2014 was – but that’s about what I expected – your lifestyle generally inflates to fill your available income. =)