The Nomadic Fanatics Podcast – Session 5 – The Snowmads!

For Session 5 of The Nomadic Fanatics Podcast, we visited with The Snowmads – Jason and Kristin Snow, a travel-addicted couple who walked away from cubicles and conventional lives two years ago to roam full-time.

0:01 Introduction – joined in progress.
1:20 Where are you based?
3:00 Lease an RV to live in, or purchase?
5:12 Observations on Class A vs Class B.
7:44 Use of space in Class A vs. Class B.
10:30 RVIA Tradeshow Overview
14:52 What to do with old remodeled RV furniture?
16:40 Episode VI – Return of the Snowmads
17:00 How do you keep connected on the road?
20:15 The Amazing Tale of free Boondocking in Battery Park in Apalachicola, FL (and the lady with the pink door)
23:00 Internet Connection at Apalachicola
25:36 David Bott’s Private WiFi For Less Than $100
27:21 Boondocking: Better to ask Permission, or Forgiveness?
28:34 What are you in? (Winnebago 59K)
30:22 Additional Boondocking Tips from The Snowmads!
32:10 Boondocking Gone Wrong? In St. Petersburg, FL
34:50 Parking Tickets?
40:10 Fulltiming in a pop-up?
42:44 How does having smaller tanks in a Class B affect you?
46:44 Campgrounds and Dumpstations: East Coast vs. West Coast.
48:23 Duluth?
49:45 Has Jax mellowed from the Catnip yet?
51:15 How do you find small attractions, museums, etc.?

Mentioned on tonight’s show:
The Snowmads:
Winnebago Travato 59k
Karma Internet:
Unlimitedville Internet:
David Bott’s Private WiFi for Less Than $100:
Phil Campbell’s Channel

They started with overhauling a 1965 Airstream for weekend trips and to more easily travel with their dogs, when partway through the project they realized they were building a HOME, not a CAMPER. At that point they started making changes to their lives and their jobs to support life fulltime on the road. In their first year, they visited 35 states and drove 25,000 miles.

Their second year saw them selling their Airstream and driving a 2015 Trek 26 HMD to Alaska and back.

For the show, they’re going to share their experiences with their recent trip to the RVIA ‘industry-only’ RV show in Louisville, Kentucky and talk about their current Nomadic Life (hint: It’s not an Airstream or a Motorhome right now), and their plans for the future.