The Nomadic Fanatics – Tune In Next Week!

These are the risks of having a live show – sometimes Stuff Happens! 

Dec 18: Jason and Kristin – The Snowmads –
Dec 25: Merry Christmas from the Fanatics + Van Grrl
Jan 01: Happy New Year from the Fanatics + A Big Announcement
Jan 08: Josh and Kali – The Freedom Theory
Jan 15: Joe and Carrie – The Mobile Hobos

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Due to unforeseen circumstances, The Nomadic Fanatics Podcast won’t be live tonight. 
* Our guests for the evening, the Snowmads, had a last minute family thing come up at the last minute.
* Our backup guest (Elizabeth) had a paying job come up at the last minute.
* Patrick is travelling this week and isn’t available to host The Newbies Episode. 
* Reaching out to our connections, we scheduled 3 more guests for the future, but nobody is available tonight!