YarrVee and the Phoenix Eclipse…

The Desert Southwest is a beautiful place to turn your eyes to the heavens – especially on a night like this, which will not return until 2033, when we will all be significantly older, and greyer…

–== 2015 Cost of RV Life ==–
257 Days on the Road
42 Free nights
228 Paid nights
270 Total nights

2015 Total Spent: $10180.84
2015 Average Daily Cost (lodging only): $21.28/day
2015 Average Daily Cost (lodging + fuel): $31.13/day
2015 Average Daily Cost (everything): $37.71/day
2014 Average Daily Cost: $43.49/day

–== WHERE AM I NOW? ==–
Follow my adventures in realtime at: http://www.YarrVee.com

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6 years ago, I bought my first motorcycle. Clearly, I was not the first owner. This 1994 BMW R1100RS had more miles on it than my 1997 BMW M3 that day. It also had far more complete service records. I sold it a year later for close to what I paid for it to a guy in Evergreen, CO, who restored it. I don’t miss this particular bike, but I do miss the ones that came after…

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Photo taken at: Thornton, Colorado

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