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The Nomadic Fanatics – Tune In Next Week!

These are the risks of having a live show – sometimes Stuff Happens! 

Dec 18: Jason and Kristin – The Snowmads –
Dec 25: Merry Christmas from the Fanatics + Van Grrl
Jan 01: Happy New Year from the Fanatics + A Big Announcement
Jan 08: Josh and Kali – The Freedom Theory
Jan 15: Joe and Carrie – The Mobile Hobos

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Due to unforeseen circumstances, The Nomadic Fanatics Podcast won’t be live tonight. 
* Our guests for the evening, the Snowmads, had a last minute family thing come up at the last minute.
* Our backup guest (Elizabeth) had a paying job come up at the last minute.
* Patrick is travelling this week and isn’t available to host The Newbies Episode. 
* Reaching out to our connections, we scheduled 3 more guests for the future, but nobody is available tonight!

The Nomadic Fanatics Podcast – Session 3 – Open Q&A

Elizabeth, our guest for the week, had some things she had to take care of this week, and wasn’t able to make it. She’s rescheduled for Session 5, on 12/18.

BIG NEWS! You can now subscribe to get reminders and announcements at:

This week we welcomed our two new Assistant Co-Hosts, Devan (@xsyntriknomad), and Patrick (@rnpatl), and then had an open QA session.

0:15 Jon answers: How Long Does It Take To Edit Videos?
1:26 Patrick @rnpatl – Sprint Unlimited Data from Unlimitedville for $45?
7:30 Craig joins us for a few minutes.
10:00 Stephen Mol asks Eric about Olga’s Health.
11:18 The Cranes ask about using Karma for data.
14:40 RV Lady joins us and asks if we’ve heard anything about Happily Houseless lately.
26:03 Eric talks about the effect of weather on location.
27:03 Oliver gets a lesson in Post Production and Scheduling Videos.
30:36 Jeff @4GNomad asks Jon whether the Phantom is still out of commisison, and Jon extols the virtues of the 3DRobotics Iris+.
33:25 Eric talks about a new Feiyu-Tech gimbal he’s seen advertised and is looking into. We also talk briefly about the other new gimbals on the market.
35:32 Jeff asks Eric about his experience with 4G service around Crescent City/Eureka, CA
38:18 Oliver shows he doesn’t understand how “scheduling” videos on YouTube works – and that it means you have to SAY it’s Thanksgiving, even if it’s not yet ACTUALLY Thanksgiving, if you want to post a video ON Thanksgiving. =)
47:23 @heavykev1 asks about the value of having a 3d printer onboard an RV.
49:38 Jeff Larson asks how we got started earning on YouTube, and whether we have recommendations for others.
54:05 Stephen Mol asks about Eric’s Map of Travels, and is he going to get another one?
1:09:45 RV Lady pitches her RV Women’s Hangout on Sundays a 4pm Pacific!

Thanks for watching!

The Nomadic Fanatics Podcast – Session 2 – November 27, 2015

No special guest tonight because of Thanskgiving – though Mike from Living Free, RV Lady, Devan the Xsyntrik Nomad, and Patrick from The Paddy Wagon put in appearances:

Ubiquiti Networks NanoStation:

11 Foot 8 Bridge:

1:07:00 Buying a new coach is no guarantee of not having problems with it:

Winnebago – No Sale of Special Ordered Coach – Lack of Build Quality

1:23:00 YouTube Safety Tools:

Happy Thanksgiving and a Big Announcement

Happy (US) Thanksgiving, everyone!

Eric and I have kicked off a new weekly Video Podcast on called _The Nomadic Fanatics_
Fridays 6pm Pacific – 9pm Eastern – 0200 GMT

The Nomadic Fanatics will be a video podcast about working people 18-55 who have chosen a nomadic lifestyle, whether that is in an RV of any sort, a van, a boat, AirBnB, or even just a backpack, a business plan, and a thumb.

Being that it’s Thanksgiving, we don’t have a guest lined up for this week, so we’ll take your questions.

In the coming weeks, we’ll have appearances by
* VanGrrl from YouTube talking about her transition to Van Life in the Pacific Northwest
* Jason and Kristin Snow – the Snowmads – who will be attending the RVIA show in Louisville, KY next weekend. They’ll have a wrapup for us on what to expect from the RV Industry in 2016.

We look forward to seeing you all on the show tomorrow night!

RV Fulltiming S1E2

Season 1 Episode 2 of RV Fulltiming on
Scheduled for 60-90 minutes originally, we had such a great panel and audience that we ran long. Three hours long. =)

Feel free to skip around the video, or put it on in the background while you work or play!

In this episode: @YarrVee, @RVLady1, @xsyntriknomad, @Kallistia, and others talking about RVing fulltime, RV Lady’s birthday, Xsyntrinomad’s birthday, what it’s like being a Scorpio, How we all got out start and what made us decide to make the leap to fulltiming, among many, many other topics.

YarrVee Fulltiming Hangout S1 E1

Skip forward to 9:15 for an echo-free experience!!!

After the RV Women’s Hangout on Sunday, we had a quick panel on talking about RVing and about using as a platform for video chat and panels. I wish we’d had more success eliminating the echoes and feedback at the beginning.

We had a few technical issues, but overall it was a grand success!

Let us know what you think!