The Maiden Voyage of the YarrVee!

We picked up the YarrVee from Camping World in Golden yesterday – for the second time. The chips in the windshield were repaired, and Camping World did install a new stove to replace the one the Prior Owner had drilled a mysterious hole in. I thought that was going to be the case; someone commented that if they ‘repaired’ it, and we decided to replace it instead, it would only be about $400 to do so. That seemed like a small enough number that they’d do it, and I’m pleased to report that they did. On the other two remaining issues, the Passenger Seat is now clicking into place after being rotated – the mechanism seems like it just needed a cleaning and lubrication – and the parts for the driver’s seat power slide mechanism are backordered from Thor, with no ETA. We picked up the coach and will bring the coach back one more time to have the power seat parts installed, presuming we don’t just spring for a complete new aftermarket power seat base. All in all we’ve had a good experience with Camping World.

At the same time we were at Camping World of Golden, Audrey’s parents were also at Camping World…in Longmont, however, picking up their new-to-them 1997 Fleetwood Discovery 37V, which you can see at the very end of the video.

Funny story time!

We’ve been researching coaches for months. We’ve been sharing bits of our research – photos, ads of coaches we’ve gone to look at, etc., with Audrey’s parents when we have lunch with them. We stopped by in the CruiseAmerica rental we had for the weekend, and they took a tour. Purchasing the YarrVee was such a moment of serendipity that nobody was expecting it – not even us. So post-purchase, we were keeping the YarrVee secret from *everyone*. Man, was that hard to do! When we finally got our post-slide-repair, this-time-for-real delivery date for Saturday the 11th, Audrey texted her mom asking if we could take them to lunch, and we planned to surprise them with the Big Reveal…

“Sorry! We can’t. We’re going to be at Camping World in Longmont picking up our new RV!”

Cue us both making ScoobyDoo “Huh?” noises.

Audrey’s dad has said for years that she’s not inheriting a house, she’s inheriting an RV – it’s something that’s been on their radar for a long time. When they retire, they want to buy a small piece of property…someplace…to have a “home base” for 6 months out of the year. Our research spurred the thinking, “Hey, maybe we should try this out and decide whether or not we like it before we commit to it, huh?” That makes a lot of sense.

Next weekend we’re going to have a 2 RV Family Shakedown Cruise, and in November we’re planning to drive down to Santa Fe for the long weekend over Thanksgiving.

In other news, thank you to @MotorhomesCom and @connected_uk for mentioning us this morning! Now we’re off to Home Depot to look at paint. Those RV Camouflage Beige walls have GOT to go!