How To Use a Free LavMic with GoPro

Using a “free Lavalier Mic” (an old cellphone headset) to get “lavalier audio” with your GoPro Hero 3 or GoPro Hero 4 camera, in GoPro Studio, even when your GoPro was in a waterproof case, or you were hundreds of feet away, or the camera was on the outside of your vehicle, and you wanted audio from inside…

Synching the two audio sources is a little fiddly, since you can’t “nudge” the audio track, and you can’t zoom in on the timeline to make tiny adjustments.

My recommendation is to find the sound that you want to synch on, and put a cut in the video at that point. Then edit the audio file from your phone (using Audacity, or similar) to snip out anything in the audio file prior to that synch point. That way, the audio *should* ‘snap’ to the right place when you drag it onto the timeline…

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