Figaro Goes Outside, Ep. 4 – Sacramento

In early July, Figaro wasn’t feeling well. He stopped eating, and then he stopped drinking, and then he stopped going to the bathroom and he was very warm.

I know that cats can “crash” in a matter of a day or two, so we made an appointment for him for the following day at a Vet Clinic in Del Paso Heights, CA.

We also fed him and watered him about 50ml of water the night before this with a syringe that we picked up at Walgreens. That helped a little, and the doctor said he wasn’t actually dehydrated (despite what I say at the beginning of the video!). After we got some water and tuna juice in him, he decided to pee on Mary’s laundry bag! (At least he peed!)

After his injections, he did bounce back to his normal self in about 3 hours, and was at 100% again in a couple of days.

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