Latest RV Mod (Part 1)

I added a new thing the other day. It didn’t work out quite the way I’d hoped!

I hope to see you all this week when we record the podcast Friday at 6pm Pacific – this week’s guest is Luke Capasso. It’s going to be fun!
I’d love if you all would subscribe to the podcast I’m working on – It’s about building community – introducing you all to people you may not otherwise have heard about.

_,.-‘~’-.,__,.-‘~’-.,_ 2016 Cost of RV Life _,.-‘~’-.,__,.-‘~’-.,_
386 Days on the Road
0 Free nights
34 Paid nights
34 Total nights

2015 Total Spent: $1021.62
2016 Average Daily Cost (lodging only): $19.46/day
2016 Average Daily Cost (lodging + fuel): $30.05/day
2016 Average Daily Cost (everything): $30.05/day
2015 Average Daily Cost: $44.85/day (Incl. RV Payment)
2015 Average Daily Cost $33.02/day (No RV Payment)
2014 Average Daily Cost: $43.49/day (Apartment Life)

_,.-‘~’-.,__,.-‘~’-.,_ WHERE AM I NOW? _,.-‘~’-.,__,.-‘~’-.,_
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