Using GoPro Night Mode to capture the ISS!


For the last several nights, I’ve wanted to go outside and experiment some more with the GoPro Night Lapse mode to capture satellite trails, since I had so much fun watching them in Folsom when I was camping with RV Lady. However, night after night, it’s been too late when I look up the passes for the evening on Heaven’s Above, all the bright passes had already ended for the evening. I think it has something to do with being this far south, but it’s pretty rare to have a visible satellite pass after about 9:30pm, and they start shortly after 7pm. In Folsom the last passes were much closer to 10:30, and they’d start about 8:15.

Well, tonight I remembered in the nick of time to check Heaven’s Above, and I saw that the ISS was passing overhead, and for once, it wasn’t a “barely visible down on the horizon” pass, but up at a respectable 40+ degrees! The down side is that I only had about 5 minutes to prepare!

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Hello, everyone!

Happy Saturday! I hope you’re having a great day. I hope you HAD a great day. You’ll probably see this tonight or tomorrow.
It’s the 21st of August. It’s probably 104 degrees out and I thought I would throw out a little update!
I’ve been experimenting with some nighttime photography with the GoPro. I got a great shot of the ISS flying over…
The International Space Station flying over. So, I’m going to put that right here and go ahead and talk over it.
What I did is I used my Gorilla Pod to keep the camera stable – I set it on the top of the MINI. I used the Night Lapse Mode to capture the ISS going over.
and I used settings…I think I used ISO limit of 400, 15 second exposure, Continuous mode, ProTune ON, 3000K White Balance, and soft sharpnes, with no EV Comp.
Now…then I did a series of test shots with the GoPro in Single Shot Mode.
This one is a 2 second shot.
This one has a lens opening of 5 seconds.
This one is 10 seconds.
This one is 15 seconds.
And this one, which I think is my favorite of the bunch, I just left everything on AUTO and let the GoPro do its thing.
GoPro’s actually really cool for night mode. One of the things I learned about the Hero 4 is that you can set it up in Night Mode and it will do autoexposure for any given light.
(In fact…This video was shot with Night Mode turned on!)
You can put it in Night Mode, and then leave it in Night Mode during the day.

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