Saying Goodbye to Tilly The Twooth

With my upcoming departure for a job in Phoenix, and Mary’s departure for Los Angeles, and my mother’s Fulltime RVing health in question – we make the decision to send the Tioga that I bought for my mom on to a new owner who will appreciate her and not let her degrade in place like she would in storage indefinitely…

–== 2015 Cost of RV Life ==–
197 Days on the Road
42 Free nights
168 Paid nights
210 Total nights

2015 Total Spent: $9083.39
2015 Average Daily Cost (lodging only): $22.13/day
2015 Average Daily Cost (lodging + fuel): $34.8/day
2014 Average Daily Cost: $43.49/day

–== WHERE AM I NOW? ==–
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Hey YouTube!
I got somebody coming to look at the Tioga that I initially got for my mom. We’re not sure that she’s going to be in a health position to actually make a go of this all by herself.
So I thought before somebody comes and takes it away, I would give you guys a real quick tour!
Y’know, I wanna say it’s a 24 foot? It’s got a bed back here in the back.
Decent storage, Refrigerator works. There’s just not a whole lot to it.
Shower and bath in the back in the corner…
When we were at the RV show, we saw a bunch of ’em that were sorta similar floorplans. So, yeah, there’s not a ton…a ton to this. It needs some cleanup and some work, but if they do decide that they want it I think they’ll enjoy it quite a bit.
Well, the buyer for the Tioga showed up and looked it over and decided that he really wanted it, and so my mom and I (because the Tioga was in…)
Man, it’s like 105F (40.5*C) out today…
Because the Tioga was in Mary’s name, before she went back to Los Angeles she gave me Power of Attorney, and we went to DMV and spent about an hour and a half there.
We worked out a nice trade deal on this really sweet van for my mom! It’s got EVERYTHING!
It’s got solar (but it won’t keep the solar).
It’s got satellite dish (but it won’t keep the satellite dish).
It’s got an inverter! It’s got all kinds of stuff in it (that won’t actually stay with the van). That’s all going to the new owner and his Tioga…
But…we’re getting a parts list, so we’ll be able to re-create it.
And here is the Tioga and its new owner!
So everybody say hello to the new owner of the Tioga!

Nomadic Fanatic: Hey, Tilly 2.0! How about that…

OH! I didn’t tell you! Tilly actually has a name, and it’s kind of a family thing… The backstory is my parents were huge Victor Borge fans. He tells a story where he’s talking about Cinderella and the Wonderful Stepsisters. He increases the numbers any time there’s a number in the word, for instance the Wonderful Stepsisters become the Twoderful Stepsisters.

Nomadic Fanatic: Oh, Ok!

My littlest sister…who’s now 40…she got into this habit when she was learning her numbers of there’s Oneth, Twooth, Threeth, Fourth, Fifth, Sixth, Seventh, Eighth, Ninth, etc. She just made them all standardized! So THIS, is ‘Tilly the Twooth’. T W O O T H.

Nomadic Fanatic For sure!
So I was telling everyone about this cool new van that I got my mom! I said the buyer for the Tioga got here and offered this awesome trade!

Nomadic Fanatic: *chuckles* Everybody’s gonna know, though…

OK, so, that’s the buyer of Tilly the Twooth! Expect to see Tilly the Twooth coming to a YouTube Channel Near You!

And we have a very, very special guest during today’s, uh, session the buying and selling of various RVs!
We have a visitor!
So, Jax is out here, and Figaro is in the back, locked in the bedroom.

Nomadic Fanatic: What do you think, Jax?…I’m not done lookin’!

He’s like, “I can smell a cat, but I don’t see him! Is that OK?”
All in all, today has been a really awesome day! Lots of people got lots of things that they really really want. One of the things that we’re considering for my mom at this point is, because that’s a…250 series van, is finding her a travel trailer that she can pull behind it, so that she can travel from place to place and then park the trailer and still have the van to go do day-trips different places – which I think sounds like a LOT of fun!
Anyway, Eric and Jax are here.

Nomadic Fanatic: There’s cat-butt for ya!
Yeah! World’s greatest cat-butt…
Nomadic Fanatic: Oh, you found the catnip…