Why did I come all the way to Port Charlotte?

This lady here. Keely was not expecting me. I <3 her so very much.
2500 miles?
Not too far to go to give her the hug I owe her. :)
Our friendship started over three years ago on Google+. She posted that she was having an incredibly shit day, and needed a hug. Being the person that I am, I looked up prices and sent her a message. “Round Trip Denver to Key West is $360. That’s not why I’m not buying the ticket. I’m not buying the ticket because the earliest I could be there is 2:45pm tomorrow – at which time you probably won’t need the hug so much anymore.”
Thus began a fairly epic friendship – were I The Doctor, she would be my Amy Pond.
…and today I arrived in my Blue Box, on Valentine’s Day, having traveled through both space and time, and she finally got that hug…and a sendoff to go have dinner with the current Rory. =)
And that makes this the best Valentine’s Day I’ve had in a long, long time.

One thought on “Why did I come all the way to Port Charlotte?”

  1. Not the “noblest Romana of all”? Not the Doctor Donna?

    But Amy, “Dear God that woman is made of legs! That’s the most legs on any living human!” Pond?

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