Is it possible to go “inverterless”?

I’m currently drafting and assembling a setup that is potentially ‘inverterless’.

I bought a Microsoft Surface Pro 3 – the power brick for that is 120vac -> 12vdc. It’s basically a laptop with the guts behind the screen instead of under the keyboard – Core i5, 4GB, 128GB SSD, 2k monitor (2160×1440).
The monitor you see in some of my videos is a 23″ AOC 1080p monitor. The power brick for that is also 120vac -> 12vdc. (sensing a theme here?)
For WiFi, I’m using a Ubiquiti NanoStation M2 as a primary antenna/connection to public WiFi – if I were to connect it to another M2 with a clear line of sight, I could connect up to 1.5 miles away. In town the range is quite a bit less… 300-400 yards, I’d say. That has a power brick that is 120vac to 24vdc. Should be a snap to run a dedicated circuit for it.
Finally, I’ve got a wireless router for the coach that’s connected to the NanoStation, so my devices always connect to my private local network. That, too, runs on a 120v -> 12v wall wart.
Device batteries currently (HA!) charge from dual 12v sockets -> Dual USB plugs in the cab that are always hot.
Once I get that all swapped over, it looks like the only things I’d need A/C for would be charging the quadcopter batteries and running the air conditioning.
It looks like it may be possible for me to have a solar installation that doesn’t drive an inverter for anything while wild camping.