2015-03-30 – Tombstone Arizona Territory

Another Bucket List item checked off.
What is it? Watch to the end!

–== 2015 Cost of RV Life ==–
78 Days on the Road
33 Free nights
58 Paid nights
91 Total nights

2015 Total Spent: $6040.94
2015 Average Daily Cost (lodging only): $22.51/day
2015 Average Daily Cost (lodging + fuel): $46.87/day
2014 Average Daily Cost: $43.49/day

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2 thoughts on “2015-03-30 – Tombstone Arizona Territory”

    1. $6040 includes *everything* in all the categories I track in the spreadsheet. Fuel, Propane, Camping fees, Repair Costs (getting the starter repaired, etc.), Upgrades (purchase and installation of the Blue Ox Tow Bar, replacing the whole toilet instead of just the busted valve, etc.), and other One Time costs, like the $1700 it cost to register the car and coach in Florida for the first year.
      The Per Day costs are Camping Fees or Camping Fees + Fuel, and don’t count any of the one-time costs…

      Also, you’ve got Replies turned off on YouTube – you need to hover your mouse over the right hand side of your Comments there, and toggle the Replies back on so we can have conversations there. =)

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