2015-01-29.1 – Let’s Go Flying!

You asked for it, You got it, Toyota!

The quadcopter is all put back together, and we go for a quick flight on a gusty day!
Also, cleaning stuff.
Also, this one’s out of order – I forgot to schedule it…wups!

Finally, I compressed this one with Handbrake.
Please, PLEASE compare this one to my older videos and let me know if you really notice the difference (I do…)

The ‘jello’ in the aerial shots is due to the vibration from the copter into the camera. I’ve got a stabilized mount on the way that will fix that. I just couldn’t wait. =)


As always, the best place to follow my journey is at the website: http://www.YarrVee.com YouTube just gets videos, while the website gets the Videos, plus Instagram (CAT PICTURES), Twitter, Foursquare checkins, and Blog Posts!

–==2015 Cost of RV Life==–
18 Free nights
11 Paid nights
29 Total nights

2015 Total Spent: $2685.02
2015 Average Daily Cost: $92.59/day
2014 Average Daily Cost: $43.49/day


411 Walnut Street #9806
Green Cove Springs, FL 32043-3443

–==2015 Itinerary==–
January 23-31 – KOA Gainesville NE, Starke, FL
February 1-4 – KOA Gainesville NE, Starke, FL
February 5-10 – Tampa, Maybe?
February 8-28 – near Winter Park, FL

March 13-22, 2015 – Austin, TX
South by Southwest – http://sxsw.com/

April 19-24, 2015 – Las Vegas, NV
ServiceNow Knowledge15 – http://ift.tt/1lRzxkC

September 4-7. 2015 – Atlanta, GA
Dragoncon – http://ift.tt/PrbWE3 http://ift.tt/1CmBTAz